Frag Swap & Seminar

Last weekend I attended a Seminar and Frag Swap hosted by the “Maritime Museum & Aquarium” of Gothenburg. It was a fascinating program to say the least, and the highlight of the program was Ehsan Dashti, Founder and Owner of TRITON Applied Reef Bioscience. He spoke at length about reef chemistry and biology and about [Continue reading]

Stocking up on some tools

A little package was waiting for me at the post office today with some very interesting new items. Looking at the items, one might conclude that I’m either a doctor or a mad scientist, which maybe wouldn’t be all that wrong? After all I consider myself a self-educated coral surgeon! These tools are mostly for [Continue reading]

An Introduction to the Mandarin Garden

Now that my Website has been refurbished and is up and running again, it is high time to start introducing the many aquarium setups I maintain. So what better to start with than my Mandarin Dragonet’s home. Tank Details: – 43 Liter standard glass aquarium. – 50w AquaEl glass heater – Hydor Koralia Nano 900 [Continue reading]