Frag Swap & Seminar

Last weekend I attended a Seminar and Frag Swap hosted by the “Maritime Museum & Aquarium” of Gothenburg. It was a fascinating program to say the least, and the highlight of the program was Ehsan Dashti, Founder and Owner of TRITON Applied Reef Bioscience. He spoke at length about reef chemistry and biology and about precision water testing as well as the difference between the chemical makeup of seawater and aquarium water.

After the seminar came the frag swap, and I was able to find new homes for some Star Polyps, Actinodiscus Mushroom Corals, Zoanthids and some of my Montipora Digita branches. And of course I managed to get my hands on a couple of new additions as well.

Sadly things were awfully stressful and hectic that day so I neglected to take any photos of the day. But I can however show off my new little darlings who have found themselves a new home with me. 🙂


The first would be a Birds Nest (Seriatopora Hystrix) daughter colony which has settled in nicely in my reef tank. The second is a little Montipora fragment that’s currently in a holding tank by itself. When it comes to mounting corals I am rather unorthodox, preferring a strictly “natural” method, by allowing them to attach and encrust to a surface by themselves. This can of course be rather frustrating at times, as snails and hermits have a tendency to frequently knock things over, which is why I have isolated the Montipora frag away from all those critters, and set it down in a cradle made from live rock rubble.

It was a fun and wonderful experience, and great meeting fellow saltwater aquarists from around the country, and I already eagerly await what next year has in store. 🙂