Here there be babies!

One of the biggest thrills and joy of this hobby is the unexpected.

I purchased a small frogspawn head(Euphyllia Paradivisa) at a fragswap this spring, and under my care it has been doing really well. Its growing and heads are splitting repeatedly, and what was once a branch with “five” polyps has become “eight”, and I’m pretty much on the verge of having them become “ten” or “eleven”. However while feeding them last night, when the polyps closed up around the food, I was completely amazed pleasantly surprised by what I saw.

Not only was the coral thriving and growing, but it has been and is in the process of reproducing, by way of budding. The entire skeleton is littered with roughly a dozen tiny little polyps, little baby frogspawn corals. It should be interesting to see what happens to them, if they will stay and continue to grow on the skeleton, adding their numbers to the main colony, of if they will eventually drop off to form their own colonies.

Here’s a nice little close-up of them. 🙂