Catching up!

I realize I haven’t updated this website since September last year, so I figured I’d bring visitors up to speed as to what’s going on here.

First of all I had a hellish month after my last post, when my charming webhost that I’ve been with for many years now decided to shut down my website on trumped-up claims of exceeding my resource usage, of which there is absolutely no way to see in the control panel or even any mention of in their Terms of Service Agreement. What’s more, I had failed to backup the database, and the only way to get them to reactivate the account was to sign up for their paid hosting plan. So I did that for a month just so I could get my content back, and now I have moved to a new and reliable hosting service that offers unlimited bandwidth and storage space. So hopefully that should keep things running smoothly here for the foreseeable future.
Following this I have suffered problems with my health which I am still dealing with, but I feel hopeful that I am on the path to recovery.

On the wet side of things there’s both bad and good(ish) news.
The bad is that things fell apart between my Mandarin Dragonets. After 4 months of smooth sailing and being fat and happy, my Mandarin male suddenly turned violent overnight and completely shredded the fins on my female. He has since been exiled to the reef tank where is fate remains uncertain, hopefully I will be able to keep up with his dietary needs. The females injuries have since healed and she is back to her normal happy self.
The good(ish) news starts kind of bad. My Oscars old T8 light fixture kind of melted together in a nice little mess and had to be replaced, with a brand new Fluval T5HO light. Unfortunately this new light started causing reflections between the glass and old background taped to it, and Oscar has been having hysterics wrecking the insides of the tank while attacking his own reflection and beating himself up pretty badly. Now the good news is that since peeling off the old background he has calmed down considerably and I’ve bought a few segments of real nice Back to Nature Slim-Line background to install in his tank. Definitely no reflections possible with those!


So that’s kind of where things are at right now. So know that the site is not dead, and hopefully I will have some exciting new content to share in the year ahead!