Feeling kind of BLAU, Nano LED Light

So I kind of ended up pulling out a lot of rocks with soft corals that had gotten out of hand from my tanks and ended up starting a new 10 gallon softie tank. I had a BLAU Nano LED Light freshwater lamp laying around which I had intended for my refugium but didn’t quite cut it, so I threw it on the 10 gallon tank instead.
I actually thought it looked pretty good, but it wasn’t quite enough light on its own. So I decided to get another one, but a marine version instead of another freshwater lamp. And the end result was quite interesting aesthetically even if a bit unusual.

The BLAU Nano LED Light comes as mentioned in a Freshwater and Marine flavor, so here’s a quick rundown on the specs.

Marine:  14x 0,5w 15000°K White & 7x Royal Blue
Freshwater: 19x 0,5w 6500°K White & 2x Red

Both lights have dual channels which are fully dimmable with the supplied controller. Now lets have a look at them in action!

Both Lights:

Freshwater Light:

Marine Light:
And for a grand finale we’ll go with just the Royal Blues on the Marine Light!

And as I mentioned, the channels are fully dimmable, so if you have the patience to manually turn lights on and off every day it makes for an absolutely fantastic moonlight!

So those are the Nano LED Lights from BLAU and they seem pretty well suited for small tanks. Hope this quick little write-up gives people an idea of what to expect from these lights. 🙂