A saltwater aquarium, filled with corals.

The 61 Liter Mixed-Reef

In the past I’ve used Instagram a fair bit to document the progress on my reefs. At times I upload higher quality photo’s to various build-threads on different saltwater forums. But given Instagram’s terms and conditions, I felt that my best shots are not something I want to give them access to, so why not put them here? 🙂

I present, my 61 liter mixed reef, a skimmer-less system that has been up and running since 2016. Initially it started out as a ‘split’ of my original reef tank, which started to get a bit too crowded, but following the subsequent crash of it, this system has evolved into it’s direct successor. 

A saltwater aquarium, filled with corals.

It is home to a decade old clownfish and an assortment of SPS, LSP and soft corals, and a very simplistic system with nothing more than a pump and a light.


This little thing in the middle is special to me. It is what remains of one of my older Montipora digitata colonies, a surviving ember from a bleaching event that wiped out all the colonies of it, that I had. 🙂