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Game Projects
Here I present some of the game projects i've been working on during the years.
Unfortunatley very few of them were ever finished, while some did get pretty far.

All of these projects i've worked with have been done on the 3Drad engine.
It was the first engine ever that I started working with when I was only 11.
3Drad has a very easy to use interface as well as a WYSIWYG editor and a basic-like language.
This combination made for a very easy but powerful game creation tool for me.
    Jurassic Carnage

Well this game was a very ambitious project, and a flirtation with my interest of dinosaurs. It is definatley one of the most visually appealing projects i've worked on that much is certain. I never did quite get the plot line down, it was constantly changing from deserted islands to science labs to time travel even, I did eventually manage to establish that it was going to be in the future.

The game itself contained a lot of custom content, actually almost only custom content, from the small level itself to the Weapon and HUD, as well as sounds. a lot of custom coding went into it, figuring out how to get things done. for a while I was trying to figure out a nice fake flashlight effect due to the engine limitations, it turned out pretty nice using a cylindrical mask all thou couldnt quite get it to behave properly due to the engine.

Unfortunately Due to lack of updates and support from the engine manufacturer I had to put the project on hold.

Early Screenshots

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Newer Screenshots

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    Sunken Steel

"Sunken Steel" Is the working name of one my other little game projects which also fell victim to the lack of updates and support from the engine manufacturer. It is also the game for which I created the submarine model that can be seen in the models section. I did manage to get the player submarine logic set up pretty ok, as well as the torpedo firing with bubble stream effects. hardest was getting the above and underwater view to work properly, since the game engine required me to change the fog and light properties for the main camera it became very difficult since I had three different views being 3rd person, 1st person and periscope view.

This was also a project with mostly custom content, custom submarine model, torpedo model, as well as custom terrain.


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"AH-6" Is what I decided to designate a small tech project I was working on, it was never really intended to be a public release or a full fledged game but merely a testing ground for ideas I was hatching. It was mostly a particle experiment, with testing out what I could do using particle systems. I used the rocket particle smoke I created for another project on the rocket system, which was rather interesting because I was working on an animation sequence so that for each rocket that was launched the animation would subtract one from the rocket pod for each rocket launched, with this fake illusion I could conserve precious object space in the game engine.(the engine had a limitation on the number of objects/elements you could have)
I also made a simple dual minigun system with rotating barrels, these barrels were not animated but actually coded to physically spin when being fired in the game world. I also experimented with ground effects trying to mimic what I had seen on footage of minigun usage, ripping up a trail of smoke as the line of fire streaked across the ground.
Empty bullet casings was also something I toyed with using the particle system, having them rain down after being spent in the minigun, but I scrapped that since the engine was DirectX8 based it caused a major slowdown with all the med-poly shells falling down.


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