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3D Artwork

Under this section you will find textures, HUD's logo's and other 2D visuals that I have created.

    Flag Set
A set of realistic period accurate flag textures designed for the "Pirates of the Caribbean" community build mod.
    Hour of Death flag
This is my second flag texture I created for "Pirates of the Burning Sea"
It was approved on 08/28/2007, and was rated a full 5 stars by other users.
    Swedish East India Company flag
This is a custom flag texture I created for the upcomming MMORPG "Pirates of the Burning Sea"
The game is rather unique in that it allows players to already now create custom ships, flags and sail emblems and submit for approval to be put in the game.
    Jurassic Carnage Logo
You can see this one in the "Game Projects" section, I created it for the game I was working on, one of my first Logo's I created.
    Sunken Steel Logo
An early draft of a logo for one of my other game projects, can also be seen in the Game Projects section.
    Jurassic Carnage HUD
This is the HUD I created for my Jurassic Carnage, I was a little bit inspired by the HUD in "Doom 3"
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