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After a couple of years playing "Star Trek Voyager: Elite Force" I suddenly got an idea of a map I wanted to see, so I decided to try and learn mapping for the game and downloaded the current version back then of QERadiant, a mapping tool for most Quake3 engine based games. my first map was not too impressive, but I did get pretty high rating on creativity. eventually my maps got better until my final map in 2005 which was actually reviewed as having no bugs of any sort. after this I more or less stopped mapping for Elite Force as the interest for the game was dying off.

Welcome to Terrokan! Terrokan is a binary star system with five planets. Its twin stars are very unusual due to not only their close proximity, creating intense gravimetric shears but also due to the presence of unusually elevated neutrino emissions.
While the system is in federation space, the unusual properties of the stars has drawn attention of a great many other races. A recent intense solar flare revealed previously unknown romulan activity near the fourth planet in the system, a cause for investigation?
The asteroid belt in the system is a favored obstacle course for cadets spending their semester in this system.
There has also over the years been many rumors circulating about cardassian experiments involving the Terrokan stars, truth or just a myth?

That is how the description reads for my very first map for Star Trek Legacy. It has received nothing but praise in its reviews and has even been given a full score by STlegacyfiles.com. The map has a modded in wormhole that works for all users without creating any compatibility issues. The map supports both standard Deathmatch as well as Planet Conquest, a game mode which can be enabled trough various modifications.

Map Screenshots

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You can download the map Here:
Terrokan Download


Subpen was a very interesting mapping project, I started working on it while I was working on "Sunken Steel"(see the Game Projects page). At the time I had re watched the movie "The Hunt for Red October" numerous times and was totally fascinated with submarines, so I got this idea that it would be kind of cool do to a subterranean submarine pen. So I quickly went about it started shaping out the cavern and the bay where the submarine would be moored, work progressed rapidly and aside from very few default game textures I had a lot of custom content, barrels, box textures, submarine mesh, I even made custom torpedoes on a torpedo rack as well as custom light models that turned out very well.

I did however do something that was out of the ordinary, I had been looking alot at Half-Life 2's amazing screenshots with realistic water effects, and I thought it would be nice to have so I started to experiment around wit the Quake3 engine shaders and finally wrote my very own shader. the result? water with a reflective surface, which too my knowledge has not been done before on the Q3 engine, certainly Never in "Elite Force".

I got a very lengthy review on EliteForceFiles.com and received a very high rating both from users and the staff. Sadly the map never became too popular, quite possibly due to the declining interest of the game at the time as well as it being a very high tech map with its reflective water. But I did a good job, and i'm very pleased with it.

Map Screenshots

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You can download the map Here:
Subpen Download

    CTF_FedDryDock series

CTF_Feddrydock was the name of a map that was a very ambitious projects. As a fan of Star Trek I thought it would be pretty cool to play on the exterior of a starship hull. Now a hull on the other hand is pretty barren so I decided to flesh it out with having a ship docked at a dry dock so with ramps and ladders players would be running around on ships and the dry dock. At the time of its release CTF_feddrydock was one of the largest maps made for Elite Force, and my second map ever, with the low gravity it made a real neat sniper map with a lot of hiding places. Since it was designed to be a "Capture The Flag" map I decided it would be necessary to create some form of bases where the flags would be, so I added a second ship, in this case Klingon Bird Of Prey's the one being normal and docked, and the other being an Borg Assimilated ship placed in attack position, both ships had interiors based off a modified version of one of the default "Elite Force" single player maps. I added a lot of interactive features, both ships had a working view screen and a small button to push that would fire default game weapons, other buttons on the Borgified ship would activate a few simple voice over sounds such as "You will be assimilated". I also created a few secret areas that contained hidden weapons as well as an assimilation chamber that would kill/assimilate you activated by entering one of many Borg Alcoves. There is also a particularly nasty secret I created that contains every weapon in "Elite Force" but with no way out.

The Warp Nacelle control room was an area planned for the second drydock map, but I ran into map limitations so the room had to be cut since it was a non critical gameplay element.


CTF_Feddrydock2 was the second incarnation of my dry dock maps and much much more advanced, this time I had obtained permission from "Rick Knox" a Bridge Commander to use a couple of his ship models in this version of the map. This map was almost twice the size of the original Dry Dock map and had a small interior section of the Dry Dock itself, it also featured a Docked Miranda Class Federation Ship as well as a Normal Attacking Klingon Bird Of Prey. The Federation Ship interior was the best piece of mapping i've ever done, I created the entire architecture of the ship corridors and main engineering from scratch, the same goes for the bridge on the Klingon Bird of Prey.
As usual I had a few secret areas and special effects. The weapons effects had received a major overhaul, instead of small default weapons the ships now fired full scale phaser and disruptor beams. I also created a nice effect of the Klingon Ship blasting away a segment of the dry dock when opening fire the first time. another secret involved a section of exploding corridor activated from a secret location. Again this map was also Capture The Flag type map so the flags for either team were located in each ships main engineering/power core room with a rear exit in a transporter room leading to the far end of the dry dock as an alternate route.
The final version of the map was very well received and has to this date holds a "9.4 out of 10" average user rating.

Map Screenshots

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You can download the map Here:
CTF_fedDrydock2 Download

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