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Well it took a few years for me to start modeling, and my first ones were total rubbish by todays standards. Eventually I came to appreciate the advantage of being able to make my own models for game and mod projects rather then relying on 3rd parties. so here follows some of the models ive made over the years.

All the models here were created using Milkshape3D
    GeForce 7800GS AGP8x - Work In Progress
I just had this idea when toying around with an old burnt out "Quadro4 700XGL" that it would be pretty cool to create a virtual computer so I decided to try my hand at making a model of a 7800GS.
    Spas 12 Shotgun
A brand new model and my latest creation consisting of 4887 Polygons and growing as I continue to fine tune it and add more detail to it.
    Coke Can
Also one of my more recent creations, modeled after a Coca Cola can, very high detail, consists of 5088 polygons. It had a texture but I removed it before taking this screenshot as i'm not too sure how protective they are over their logo.
    18th Century Sloop-of-war
This is a mesh based on an 18th century sloop-of-war that I created for modding into Pirates of the Caribbean, all thou I didn't have the only compatible modeling software(Maya) so it never got that far. it consists of 20964 polygons. most of this is was actually made up by the cannons themselves, the actual hull and deck itself only consisted of 2175 polygons.
    Gotland Class Submarine
Created this in 2005 for a small submarine game I was working on, consists of 1515 polygons. I also ended up using it in a map for "Star Trek Voyager: Elite Force". I had created a very good texture set but since they are in dark modern submarine colors they do not show well outside game ;) I'm also in the process now of making a new updated hi-poly version of the submarine, with corrections of flaws that existed on the previous model.
    Light ramp
A low-poly mesh I created for a mapping project consisting of only 240 polygons.
    Shotgun shells
A couple of shotgun shells, one high detailed 2228 polygon mesh and a lower 384 poly mesh more suited for ingame usage.
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