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Pirates of the Burning Sea, exclusive beta shots.
Well this is my special page with screenshots from my experience as a "closed beta" tester of Pirates of the Burning Sea. Enjoy :)
Many thanks to "Flying Labs Software" for allowing me the privilege of being on the closed beta.
Pirates of the Burning Sea Official site.
    The Exploits of Merciless Mark
There was a time when i was a newbie.

But eventually I learned my way around the game, and found that even merchantman could be formidable ships.

But frigates are without doubt the real workhorses that get the job done.

Ever so often however, one has to step ashore to stretch ones legs.

And sometimes at sea, you may spot prey or foe.

And when that happens...

Beat to quarters...

And let the cannons thunder and roar.
    Beuty shots
Prince, First-Rate ship-of-the-line.

Mordaunt, Fourth-Rate ship-of-the-line.

Stralsund, a frigate.
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